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Join us as a reseller partner!

Join the Online Backup Revolution.

Quick to market, recurring revenue

Offering online backup services can create a new channel for new revenue in your business model. Backup To The Web allows you to quickly start offering online backup service to your target markets with a proven recurring income generating solution, regardless of whether the backup requirements of your target customers are large or small, new or long-standing.

Added customer value, increased customer loyalty

By including data protection services to your business offering, you are providing added value to your customers. By hosting more critical data backups for your customers, they become less likely to switch to other providers solely based on "price" and loyal customers tend to spend more on you.

Why Backup To The Web?

We have a lot of valuable features that other backup software can’t provide, supporting a range of popular applications, different platforms, multiple languages and offsite replication. In addition, we offer flexible pricing options to suit your business needs.

Easy to capture market share

Today, most businesses are using a range of different operating systems, and they all have different technical and business needs. Backup To The Web Online Backup Software can provide comprehensive and flexible data protection solutions, which can surely meet your customers' needs and adapt to their situations.

Low cost with rapid ROI

Pricing of Backup To The Web Online Backup Software is based solely on storage quota, and it is very reasonable and affordable. Moreover, we offer flexible pricing options to suit your business needs. Your investment cost is extremely low, thus aiding you to achieve fast return on investment.

How it works

We will give you the links to build a web site capable of providing online backup services to your clients under your own brand. We will then provide you with all software, as well as technical expertise and support required to run an online backup business. You only need to pay us a fixed fee per account (based on storage quota) and you can charge your clients whatever price you think it is appropriate.


They’re aren’t any! 

Here’s the details:

The enrollment fee to become a partner is $250. In addition to the enrollment fee, we need:

  1. Your product name (ours is Backup To The Web)
  2. Your vendor name (ours is Backup To The Web, yours could be your company name)
  3. Your home page (ours is
  4. Your support telephone number
  5. Your support e-mail address (ours is support *at*
  6. A GIF logo (size 400x123) for the help>about page

These items are used to “brand” your clients.

Start today – we can have you in the backup business in a few days!

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